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CyberXCenter and INTfinity join forces to create new cyber security capabilities for CII



[Singapore, 14 June 2024] CyberXCenter Pte Ltd (CyberXCenter) and INTfinity Consulting Pte Ltd (INTfinity) have announced a strategic partnership to develop cyber capabilities to enhance Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) protection. This collaboration leverages both companies’ expertise and resources to improve cyber resilience and security skills to address the increasing threats to CIIs.

Key Objectives

Through this partnership, CyberXCenter and INTfinity hope to develop robust cybersecurity solutions with their cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches.

Both companies recognise a growing demand for skilled cybersecurity and plan to develop comprehensive training programs that will equip individuals with critical skills to manage and protect CII from sophisticated cyber threats. The training will include hands-on exercises, simulations, and case studies to prepare participants for real-world challenges.

CyberXCenter, (led by the CEO Matthias Yeo), is in the business of capability building within the OT (Operation Technology) domain, seeking to build cyber security knowledge within the critical infrastructures. Recently CyberXCenter had been commissioned to research into the next CII testbed in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Matthias Yeo: “This is a really exciting time for both companies, as we are bringing a combined knowledge of CyberXCenter's research on emerging threats with Intfinity's extensive real life experience and expertise to create a realistic cyber capabilities into the market

INTfinity, (led by CEO Delaney Ng), is a cybersecurity consulting company that provides cybersecurity services such as digital forensics, incident response and penetration testing.

Delaney Ng: “INTfinity is delighted to partner with CyberXCenter to synergise our capabilities in cybersecurity and this MOU is testament of our shared vision to work together towards enhancing CII resiliency.

Research and Development

To stay ahead of emerging cyber threats, CyberXCenter and INTfinity will play on the strengths of each’s research capabilities to develop new technologies and methodologies to enhance cyber defence. Together, both companies will foster a shared environment to collaborate and exchange insights, best practices and threat intelligence. This collaboration is expected to build more effective strategies and solutions for protecting CIIs, benefitting both CII organisations and the broader communities relying on CIIs.

Our vision

The future training programs developed by both companies have the aim to equip a new generation of cybersecurity experts to take on the unique challenges to protect CII and contribute to its overall resilience.

This strategic partnership between CyberXCenter and INTfinity is a significant step towards strengthening CII to ensure essential services stay secure in the face of evolving cyberthreats.


About CyberXCenter Pte Ltd: CyberXCenter's mission is simple: to build national cybersecurity capabilities for Operational Technology (OT). Our goal is to safeguard national infrastructure by investing in strategic platforms through our Cyber Excellence Center, leveraging world-class technology to develop top-tier capabilities. We believe that people are the greatest assets in cybersecurity, and the way they are trained influences their thinking. The best training method is not theoretical but involves placing security leaders in simulated environments to help them grasp the threats to national infrastructures. This approach enables security leaders to maintain a world-class Security Operations Center (SOC) team and stay ahead of attackers


About INTfinity Consulting Pte Ltd: The INTfinity team has decades of experience within the Cybersecurity industry in Singapore and overseas, in both public and private sectors. INTfinity provides cybersecurity services such as digital forensics, incident response and penetration testing. For more information about the team and services provided, go to




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